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Whether the traditional grand architecture of bygone years or five star luxury is your preference, the hotels in Cambodia blend perfectly with the religious and historical masterpieces of centuries past. Most of our hotels are ideally located and of a higher standard than the average group tour and offer a welcoming haven with superior service and true Cambodian hospitality. Away from the main cities, the accommodation chosen in more remote regions is the best and most comfortable available. 


As sunshine is in abundance all year round, this tropical Asian country records a high average temperature. However, there are two distinct seasons - the dry and the monsoonal. The latter spans between May and October, bringing 75 per cent of the country’s annual rain fall. These downpours last about an hour complete with flashes of lightning making it a spectacular show. The dry season runs from November to April, the temperature ranging from 27 to 40C. The coolest time is between October and January. 


The official currency is the Riel, however, major cities and town, US dollars can be freely spent, although it is recommended to use smaller denomination notes as change may be difficult. Many areas may refuse old, weathered or damaged US bills. Popular local and international currencies can be exchanged openly and freely. As major credit cards are only accepted in limited places, traveller’s cheques or cash are recommended. And there are now ATMs in the major tourist areas.  


Electricity supply is 220 volts, AC50. Plug sizes and styles vary between cities and even between hotels - they can be 2 or 3 pin, round or flat (although more commonly 2 round pins), British, American, European or Australian-style! So it is advisable to take a complete set of adaptor plugs for any electrical appliances and these can be readily purchased in most big stores, luggage outlets and at duty-free stores. Battery operated appliances can be an advantage for a short trip.

If you are planning to recharge batteries for video or digital cameras, be aware that you will need to do this whilst in your hotel room as lights and power are normally operated by the insertion of your key tag or security keycard; when you leave the room and remove the key, all power to the room shuts down. 


Recognised for its beautiful carvings, Cambodia is also a shopper’s delight for some of the most exquisite religious sculptures in the world, many of which command extraordinary prices on the world market. Woven silk products are popular as are basketry, gold and silverware, and jewellery made from precious stones including the famous Pailin rubies. Also to be found are traditional musical instruments, paintings and ornate stone rubbings taken from the temples.


There is a large choice of entertainment venues around Phnom Penh from lively nightclubs to quieter social venues to karaoke bars and fully licensed casinos. For those interested in cultural offerings, there is traditional Cambodian music and dance, especially the graceful and popular Apsara dancing which dates back to the Angkorian period, the Russian trained royal ballet, performances of classical Western music and the French Cultural Center offers something different every night from dance to theatre to cinema and music. Bars and night clubs are widely available especially overlooking the river. One such place is the Foreign Correspondents' club, an interesting meeting spot for expatriate residents and foreign visitors. In addition, many international hotels provide live entertainment for their guests such as jazz pianists and vocalists singing contemporary ballads. Cambodia's guests are never short of anything interesting to do regardless of taste and personal preferences.





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