On a Laos travel tour, explore the mountains, plateaux and the meandering Mekong River, which forms a natural border with Thailand and Myanmar (Burma). The narrow-shaped country is renowned for its wealth in history and natural wonders. Stunning ancient temples, historic remains, landscapes dotted with jagged limestone formations and elephant rides through beautiful tranquil forests.


Laos also prides itself on a folk culture that brings to the world amazing musical performances. Meet the warm and broadly smiling hill-tribe villagers, watch as massive waterfalls turn on a performance in itself, and buy hand-woven silk and cotton handicrafts from small stores and open markets to take back home. And, of course, there’s the cuisine which with its herbs and spices draws comparisons with neighbouring Thailand. Sticky rice served in small bamboo containers is the foundation for all Lao meals. A traditional dish is “laap” made from raw fish or meat crushed into paste, marinated in lemon juice and mixed with chopped mint. Capital Vientiane is a charming riverside city, a delightful spot without the swift pace of other major Asian cities.


The ancient capital of Luang Prabang presents a kaleidoscope of temples, colonial architecture and breathtaking scenery nestled in a stunning river valley which is UNESCO World Heritage listed, while Vang Vieng has some of the most dramatic limestone scenery in the world.

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