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The Tea Room

Grab a cuppa and take a close look at what we have brewing for you in our regularly-updated, informative and entertaining Tea Room. Click onto the Travel Journal, and you can check who has been where and what they have experienced on their Asian travels with Helen Wong’s Tours.


Check out Flavour of the Month, and you can read about the origin of a number of Asian dishes and pick up a few hints on how to prepare a meal with our tantalising recipes. And if you know Your Chinese Zodiac sign, click on the link and find out more about yourself and perhaps what the future holds.


You will be pleasantly surprised. Finally, to prepare for you next journey into Asia, whether it be on an organised Helen Wong’s Tours coach tour of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos or one of the China Encounters programs for independent travellers, click on to Say It Right to find out the pronunciation of important words, greetings and sentences. The guide is not only helpful, it’s fun.