Whenever you travel overseas make sure to pack a smile – it helps. There’s one thing about travel that brings a smile from ear to ear – the friendliness of the people you meet.


Whether they are travel companions who were previously strangers on a group tour, the travel guides or the inquisitive locals you come across, smile and in most cases they will return the compliment. And if things don’t quite go to plan, don’t grovel. Be patient and pleasant and somehow everything will sort itself out. Remember to keep your temper to yourself because, as one comic once said “nobody else wants it”.


Also remember that not all countries do things the way we do things in our home city, town, etc. The beauty of the travel is learning more about the different cultures, and the pace those cultures work in reaching goals. Now, that’s the beauty of world travel – we don’t want everyone to be the same (how boring is that!).