Travelling on an escorted group tour takes the pain out of decision making.


As much as we all like to have some independence on our global travels, there are times that being a part of a group tour are favourable, especially in a country as vast and contrasting as China. Let’s face it, while the English language is spreading, it can be difficult getting around without a friendly local guide. Furthermore, you stand to learn more about the country’s cultures, traditions and history with such guidance.


Then there are the long term friendships that arise from touring with fellow travellers with similar interests. That’s a feature of group tours – to share a yarn, laugh and a few truly memorable experiences to talk about when you return home. If you are travelling independently – as a couple or family – remember you too can organise a local guide to show you the sights and keep you abreast with all you want to learn about the country. But be prepared to pay a little more for such an “encounter”