One of the beauties of international travel is sampling the traditional cuisine. If you have ever travelled through China you’d be aware that such a journey is more than just a holiday. It’s an experience.


And much of that experience focuses on the meals, from the traditional congee for breakfast to stir fried delicacies at lunch. Then there are tantalising dinners, of note the Peking duck sliced and served in the city of origin – Beijing.


Travel to Hangzhou, south of Shanghai, and you can sample the fish or the beggars chicken cooked in clay. Further south in Kunming, the capital of province Yunnan, dining centres on a particularly memorable and tantalising dish, aptly named Across the Bridge Noodles. If you feel it’s time for a change from the traditional Chinese cuisine, Dali can serve up a real surprise – pizza. Now that’s food for thought.