Holiday in India

India’s vivid colours, tapestry of culture, bustling bazaars, chaos of big cities and history have been the subject of much fascination and mystery. From its premier metropolis Mumbai to its capital city Delhi, the ancient kingdoms and their historic traditions, this country has much, including beautiful monuments, vast lakes and palaces such as that at Udaipur. Discover the glorious Taj Mahal or attempt tiger spotting. India will never disappoint you.

Best time to travel to India

India’s vast size means diverse weather patterns resulting in a very distinctive climate.  The weather in India can be divided into three seasons – summer, winter and monsoon. Generally, the best time to visit for cool, dry and sunny weather is between October and March, which is regarded as the winter season. Temperatures will generally be warmer in the south, with comfortable coastal beach weather. From May to September is the wet, monsoon season which can get extremely hot with plenty of rain and high humidity levels.