A tour to Japan with Helen Wong’s Tours will unlock this country’s iconic beauty and subtle stateliness, leaving you in absolute awe. Japan is steeped in tradition, and over the years this majestic country has effortlessly merged its traditional past with modern life, making it an incredibly beautiful and eclectic country to explore. When deciding where to go, the most memorable places that come to mind are all covered on one of our spectacular tours on offer.

If you are a keen food and drink lover, you will savour the experience of being able to immerse yourself in traditional Japanese cuisine and the ancient art of Japanese Saki making in Kobe or an ancient tea ceremony in Kyoto. If you are a historian at heart, spending time in historical Hiroshima and visiting UNESCO world heritage sites such as Shirakawa-go and Gokayama will be high on your to-do list. Or if simply just travelling around, and seeing what picturesque Japan has to show you is more your thing, then any one of our comprehensive and detailed Japan travel deals will be for you.

If you are wondering where to go in Japan, then choosing Helen Wong’s Tours will be your best choice. Our tour packages take care of the itinerary, accommodation and meal options, so all you have to do is bring your backpack, passport and sense of adventure – we will do the rest.

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Bringing out the beauty and eloquence of Japan and its rich culture is our mission on each one of our Japan tours. We combine stays in bustling Osaka and Tokyo with visits to the historically rich centres of Kobe, Fukuyama, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Mt Fuji. Let us show you the prime highlights of Japan, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

At Helen Wong’s Tours, we offer the best and most extensive Japan tour packages in Australia. Our Japan travel deals showcase the best of what this magnificent country has to offer. With the ultimate in personal touches is our promise to you. At Helen Wong’s Tours, you will find a Japan travel tour that will fit your dreams, time schedule and back pocket too. Thanks to our carefully created and personalised tour schedules (which include accommodation and some meals) you will be sure to visit all of Japan’s tourist attractions, and get a true sense of what this historic country is all about.

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