If you don’t plan ahead and bring along the right clothing be prepared for some uncomfortable moments. Far too many times you hear from fellow travellers “I didn’t know it would be this hot” or “I didn’t bring a coat because I didn’t think I needed one”.


It makes you wonder how much research do travellers put into a holiday or a journey through such countries as China. No matter how diligent travel agents and wholesalers are in offering advice (and that includes in print and on the website) there will always be someone who has arrived for a journey poorly prepared.Then again, if they don’t have a heavy coat for a stay in Beijing in January (northern winter), they can at least go out and buy one – at a bargain price.


With all journeys, whether it is in the northern reaches or the tropics it is essential to know what you are up against when it comes to weather conditions. Travel through China between June and August, prepare for hot conditions, humid in the northern, eastern and southern provinces, dray in the west. Travel during the northern winter and expect some chilly yet bearable conditions. And yes, it snows in the far northern provinces of China. Remember Harbin and its annual ice sculptures is a major drawcard during the cold months.