One of our clients Ann Quinn just recently returned from our 25-day Grand Tour of China. The whole experience moved her so much she decided to dedicate a beautiful poem to Helen Wong’s Tours and her journey into a country she did not know much about even though it is relatively near, as spoken in her own words. Pictured below is Ann with her husband, and her new best friends, Tezza, Wazza, and Gazza.


Written by Ann Quinn, Grand Tour June 2012

We decided that we’d go to China, for our overseas travel this year.

A country we really knew nothing about, even though it is relatively near.

We flew into Beijing unprepared, for the number of people we saw,

With the traffic on so many freeways, the roads couldn’t take any more!

 Xu is our guide while we travel,the length and the breadth of this land.

He gives us so much information, and we feel he is holding our hand.

We visited landmarks in Beijing, the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square.

We climbed the Great Wall in hot sunshine, and felt really thrilled to be there.

We went for a ride in a rickshaw, to have lunch in a small hutong home,

Then saw people sell crickets and scorpions, in the Silk Market, where we could roam.

In Xian the terra cotta warriors, were a wonder for us to behold.

Discovered by a local farmer, they were several thousand years old.

The pandas at Chengdu had us laughing, at the funny tricks they got up to.

Then on to a natural wonder, the Stone Forest we loved walking through.

In the rain we went out on the river, to see a Buddha 71 metres tall.

Then we went to the prettiest village, I think it enchanted us all.

In Guilin we cruised the Li River, with beautiful mountains all round.

Then we climbed 1000 steps on a hillside, to see tea growing on terraced ground.

We had many flights between cities, in this huge country, it’s the only way

But it takes so long at the airports, It seems almost a waste of a day.

We’ve seen all sorts of cultural shows, each one different from  the rest

But the clever one danced on the West Lake, had to be one of the best.

We saw beautiful gardens in Suzhou, our guide’s black and white own home town.

Then drove on to very modern Shanghai, where anything old is pulled down.

We’ve had different guides in each city, to inform us of all we should know.

They each have a pride in their country and we think, justifiably so.

But the best guide of all is our own man, who has looked after us with such care.

He’s been fun and a good ‘Mother Hen’, Who always checks everyone’s there.

We appreciate his Aussie sayings, And his love of his Starbuck’s coffee

But we can tell from his devoted care, his clients are his priority.

We’ve all helped the Chinese economy, buying souvenirs, clothes and much more.

We’re worried about excess baggage, when we try to fit with airline law!

So when we return to Australia, we’ll look back on this trip and recall

New experiences, food and our lovely new friends and thank Helen Wong for it all.

By Ann Quinn.