Don’t dress correctly and you’re in for a big shock, writes HWT staff members Frank and Grace. I would like to share my view about dress sensibly from my trip to Vietnam. I had travelled to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam in December.

When we started our trip in middle of December, we went to Thailand first and then on to Cambodia, it was so hot and humid in these places that we were wearing only shorts and thongs – Aussie uniform for the whole time there. But when we got to Hanoi in middle of January, it started to get very cold but lucky I had enough clothes to keep me warm. I put on layers of clothes, boots, and scarf, still I could feel an icy cold wind on my face.

On the day that we went to Halong Bay, it’s one of the coldest days in my life said Grace, and my poor husband only had a pair of shorts and a long sleeves tee shirt on – he said it was only “fresh” when we left the hotel that morning – that he had to wear my scarf to keep him warm but sadly I couldn’t lend him my boots!