These Terms & Conditions and all information set out in our brochure and the order form used to complete your booking forms the legal agreement between World Trade Travel Pty Ltd t/a Helen Wong’s Tours ABN 45 061 891 263 (“Us” or “We”) and all its clients (“You”).

Please read these Terms & Conditions before you make your tour booking. If you have any questions or concerns please inform us before making a booking. By making a booking with us, you have confirmed you agree to these Terms & Conditions.


All reservations requested are subject to space being available on the requested tour at the time of booking.

To confirm your reservation with us, we will need to receive the following from you:

(i) the completed and signed booking form;
(ii) your non refundable deposit within 7 days after our confirmation of your booking with us. If we do not receive your deposit within 7 days of your signed booking form, your reservation will be cancelled.
(iii) Booking balance payment received as set out in section 5.

Deposits paid are non transferable to another party.

A surcharge will be added to the total amount of your invoice if payments are made by credit card.


The entire balance for your booking is due at least 65 days prior to departure. Payment must be received by Helen Wong’s Tours. We note that payments made to third party travel agents are not payments to us. Helen Wong’s Tours accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever in respect of any payment made by you to your travel agent or other third party that is not transmitted to us as required for any reason.

Helen Wong’s Tours accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever in respect of any payment made by you to your travel agent.

If the balance due is not received by Helen Wong’s Tours by the due date, we reserve the right to cancel your booking and apply the relevant cancellation charges as set out in section 6.

Further charges may apply as set out in these terms of service due to changes in the tour initiated by you or by our third party service providers.

We will apply the following cancellation charges in the event that you cancel a booking that has been confirmed by us:

(i) If you cancel your booking more than 65 days prior to departure, we will retain your deposit paid at time of booking.
(ii) If you cancel your booking between 50 and 64 days prior to departure, cancellation fees will be 25% of the total tour cost or the total deposit, whichever is greater.
(iii) If you cancel your booking between 31 and 49 days prior to departure, cancellation fees will be 50% of the total tour cost or the total deposit, whichever is greater.
(iv) If you cancel your booking within 30 days of departure, cancellation fees will be 100% of the total tour cost, whichever is greater.

No refunds are available for any portion of the tour after the holiday has commenced for any reason.

All fees are assessed on a per person basis.

We note that airline and other tour expenses may be subject to additional cancellation fees assessed by the relevant service provider.

All amendment terms are specified on a per change per booking basis.

Any amendment or changes to your confirmed tour booking will incur a fee of $110.00. We will provide one free amendment to your tour booking provided that it is requested at least 65 days prior to departure.

Additional fees may be charged by the airlines for name changes or changes to departure dates.

All fees charged for confirmed Reservations are non refundable and are in addition to any charges levied by ground operators, airlines, hotels or other service providers. In case of transfer to another group tour within 30 days of departure, the applicable cancellation fees will apply.

Bookings made within 30 days of departure from the port of origin will incur a non refundable late booking fee of $110.00 per person whether the reservation can be confirmed or not.

For late bookings, the completed and signed booking form, the full payment for the booking and the late booking fee must be received by Helen Wong’s Tours within 24 hours of the booking request.

No late booking requests can be processed until the applicable booking form and payment is received by Helen Wong’s Tours.

In the event that the late booking request cannot be confirmed, the late booking fee of $110.00 will be retained by Helen Wong’s Tours but the balance of monies paid for the booking will be refunded.

No booking requests will be accepted within 14 days of departure from the port of origin.

Prices are based on tariffs and rates of exchange current as at 1 December 2016 and are quoted in Australian Dollars.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

In the event of fluctuations in currency exchange rates, service providers’ tariffs, fuel prices, accommodation rates and other holiday service components, Helen Wong’s Tours reserves the right to adjust prices at any time up to and including the date of departure, unless the journey is fully paid.

Acceptance of this arrangement is an express condition of making a reservation. We will use our best efforts to bring any alteration to advertised prices to the attention of your travel agent, however Helen Wong’s Tours does not accept responsibility in the event that this information is not passed on to you by the travel agent. It is recommended that the client regularly check with the travel agent for any changes.

Although Helen Wong’s Tours will endeavour to ensure that all tour holidays are available as advertised in this brochure and/or supplied in pre departure information, an express condition of making a reservation is the acceptance by the client that tour itineraries and schedules, advertised accommodation, sightseeing programs and modes of transportation are subject to change without prior notice.

Air travel, coach journeys and other forms of transport and hotel accommodation are provided by independent operators and all bookings through Helen Wong’s Tours are subject to the terms, conditions and limitations of carriers, hoteliers and other service providers.

If your booking needs to be altered due to circumstances beyond our control, we reserve the right to vary your itinerary and inform you of the subsequent changes.

If the varied itinerary is only available at a higher cost, the client will be charged the increased price.

Should such changes result in an itinerary which is materially different from your requested program and we have accepted your deposit or balance payment, you reserve the right to withdraw from the tour program and all monies (less fees paid for visas for you) that have been received by Helen Wong’s Tours will be refunded in full.

Helen Wong’s Tours recommends that all clients ascertain from its office or their own travel agent if any change has occurred from the date of confirmation up to and including the date of departure.

If for any reason Helen Wong’s Tours is forced to cancel a tour program, clients will be offered an alternative tour of a similar standard and arrangement. Should the alternative be unsuitable to the client, all monies paid to Helen Wong’s Tours in respect of the original tour program will be refunded in full. In the event of a tour change or cancellation, our provision of an alternate itinerary or a refund of monies is in full satisfaction of any claim for loss of enjoyment resulting from the change or cancellation.

Unforeseeable circumstances, such as change to local conditions, force majeure, adverse weather conditions, airline flight rescheduling, hotel overbooking, faults with transportation and road conditions, may also have a consequential effect on the content and schedule of the tour after commencement. Any decision made by us or our third party service providers to reroute or amend the itinerary is at the discretion of the tour service provider. Helen Wong’s Tours shall not be liable for any claim whatsoever arising from such events which affect the schedule and the content of the tour.

Group tours will proceed when a minimum of 10 people have deposited the tour price.

Should the minimum number of 10 people not deposit the tour price for a tour, Helen Wong’s Tours reserves the right to cancel, amend or re cost the programme.

If such an event occurs, we shall endeavour to provide the choice of an alternative tour or an amended tour. Otherwise, we will cancel the tour altogether in which case a full refund of the tour cost less the visa fee will be made.

Single travellers will incur a single traveller surcharge.

We will work with any single travellers who are willing to share accommodation with another tour member if a request is made at the time of booking. Helen Wong’s Tours will endeavour but cannot guarantee any success in matching the client with a suitable person for the duration of the selected tour.

If Helen Wong’s Tours is unable to allocate a suitable person to share accommodation, the single traveller surcharge is to be paid by the client at the time of balance payment. Similarly, for clients who choose to have sole occupancy of a room throughout the tour, the single traveller surcharge will be payable at the time of balance payment.

Please read our brochures and the booking form to confirm what costs are included and what costs are excluded from the tour price. Details of what is included in any tour are set out in our brochure for that tour. If an item is not expressly included as part of tour package it is excluded and will be your responsibility.

Examples of travel expenses that are not included in our tour price include any airfares not specifically included, airport taxes, laundry, passport and visa fees, food not on the regular menu, drinks may or may not be included as indicated in your itinerary, excess baggage, fuel surcharges, optional excursions, pre travel documentation, travel insurance, excess baggage charges, porterage, gratuities, meals (unless specified), interstate/intrastate travel arrangements to and from home town and departure city, items of a personal nature, laundry, dry cleaning, beverages, personal accident and medical expenses, incidental expenses, taxis where not part of a regular transfer, telecommunication charges and anything else which is not specified in your itinerary.

We reserve the right to make substitutions for any tour component with a replacement of equivalent value where any items described in our tour brochure are not available for you or your tour for any reason.

Details of important consumer terms & conditions and operator responsibilities relevant to all tour arrangements are contained in the brochure for the relevant tour and apply to tour participants. The terms and conditions do not cover third party service providers that are used on our tours.

Passengers who do not participate or otherwise miss elements of their tour, including specific tour events or any pre booked transfers, must make their own way to and from our tour at their own expense.

It is highly recommended that clients purchase travel insurance at the time of reservation to address any contingencies such as loss of deposit and/or fare through cancellation, loss or damage to baggage, loss of money and/or travel documents, medical expenses, curtailment charges, personal accident and personal liability.

Clients should familiarise themselves with any health requirements applicable to areas they intend to visit. The client is solely responsible for compliance with vaccinations and other health requirements of governments in countries visited or transited. The Department of Health or medical practitioners will be able to assist with current health requirements and recommendations. For more information, please check

In accordance with the international airline regulations, the free baggage allowance for economy class passengers is 20 kgs plus limited cabin luggage (this value is subject to change at short notice by our third party service providers). Please confirm with travel providers close to your date of departure to confirm any excess baggage charges as they are your sole responsibility to pay.

The carriage of bottled liquids of any kind (water, alcohol etc.) is not generally permitted in your cabin baggage unless it is purchased after passing through the security area.

The hotels we use for our tours are described in our brochures.

Apart from the descriptions of the hotels in our brochures, we make no representation or guarantee as to rooms assigned in any hotel. We confirm that hotel rooms vary in size and location within the hotel. Where we have to change hotels due to local conditions, we will endeavour to ensure that alternative accommodation is of an equivalent standard to the hotels included in our brochure.

Hotel rooms are generally not available for check in before 3pm and require check out by 10am.

Accommodation in all hotels, regardless of the rating, is in standard run of the house twin or double rooms (sometimes given other names such as superior/ deluxe) unless otherwise stated in brochure.

Should you feel that a valid complaint or claim should be lodged with Helen Wong’s Tours or its service providers, you agree to the following procedures and terms.

Should the client feel that a failure in performance of Helen Wong’s Tours or its service providers has occurred, the client agrees to immediately inform the local service provider. At this time, the relevant service provider will endeavour to promptly resolve the matter and inform Helen Wong’s Tours of the specific circumstances. Should the local service provider be unable to assist or be unavailable, the client agrees to contact Helen Wong’s Tours, Sydney, by telephone or facsimile.

In the event of a claim for compensation, the client agrees to inform Helen Wong’s Tours in writing within 30 days of the date of tour completion. Relevant receipts and substantiating evidence must be attached to the letter of claim. Helen Wong’s Tours will not be liable for any claims made later than 30 days after the date of tour completion.

Except to the extent that the law imposes a non excludable liability:

  • All bookings for holidays listed in this brochure are accepted subject to these terms and conditions, the conditions of carriage and other conditions imposed by our service providers.
  • In compiling this brochure, Helen Wong’s Tours has used information supplied to it by the operators of the relevant services. Helen Wong’s Tours has endeavoured to ensure that the information contained in this brochure is correct at the time of printing. However, Helen Wong’s Tours accepts no responsibility or liability in respect of such information. Helen Wong’s Tours does not accept any liability for any loss, damage, inconvenience, delay, injury, irregularity, accident, expense or negligence caused by inaccuracy or misdescription of services or failure to provide services.
  • Helen Wong’s Tours accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any negligence, loss, damage, omission, accident, detention, diversion or theft in regard to luggage or any personal belongings.
  • Helen Wong’s Tours will be exempt from all liability in respect of any event, negligent act, omission, death, accident, injury, sickness, irregularity, loss or damage, unless caused by Helen Wong’s Tours.
  • The client acknowledges and agrees that he or she shall have no claim or cause of action against Helen Wong’s Tours should any carrier, hotelier or other service provider provide services which differ in any way from those specified in this brochure or as outlined in pre departure information.
  • We accept no responsibility for losses or additional expenses due to delay in the provision of services by service providers howsoever those delays are caused. Neither does Helen Wong’s Tours accept responsibility for changes to or the withdrawal of services by the service providers.
  • Helen Wong’s Tours makes all bookings and travel arrangements on your behalf on the express understanding that accommodation, travel arrangements and tours are solely under the control of relevant tourism bodies authorised by the local authorities. Helen Wong’s Tours is not liable for any act, omission, or default on the part of the operator, its servants, agents or contractors or any authorised body.

These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the state of New South Wales in Australia and any legal action arising therefrom shall be litigated only in the appropriate court having jurisdiction in New South Wales.

The tours referred to in our brochures are valid to April 20

We reserve our right to change tour prices up to the time that full payment for your tour has been received by us.

Our tour prices are subject to change for a number of reasons including changes to prices of hotels, service providers and transport (air, train, boat, coach, etc.) tickets, taxes and surcharges for things like fuel. We will make all reasonable efforts to alert you of potential changes, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so in every instance.

Our airfare fees as set out in the tour prices are based on lowest booking class at the time the tour prices are published. If the specific class is not available at time of booking your tour, we will use commercially reasonable efforts to book the lowest available fare level and you will be responsible for the additional costs.

Changes including cancellation of any airplane tickets may attract additional charges imposed by the relevant airline. These charges may be owed to us if we purchased tickets on your behalf, or they may be owed directly by you to the service provider.

Once the ticket has been issued, additional cancellation fees for transport imposed by the transport service provider will be subject to airline tariff regulations for the international air portion of any flight.

We reserve the rights to request partial payment in the event of any airline requires the ticket to be issued prior to the balance payment due date.

All passengers must have a passport that is valid at the time of commencement of travel and for at least 6 months from date of departure.

Passengers must consult with the appropriate consulates to ensure that they have any applicable visas for countries included in the holiday package prior to departure.

Passengers are solely responsible for meeting necessary passport and visa entry requirements and paying all costs that are not included in the tour package price.

We are not responsible for delays or missed portions of the holiday package resulting from incorrect travel documents or visas.

Where you have asked us and we have agreed to arrange for a visa for some or all of the countries visited on our tour, you must deliver to us your passport, completed visa application forms (accurately and completely filled out and signed), all relevant processing fees to obtain the visa, passport photos in the number and format required by the issuing authority and other required documents. These documents must be received by Helen Wong’s Tours at least 30 days prior to departure.

If, for any reason, the documents are not received by Helen Wong’s Tours from you or your travel agent by the due date, we reserve the right to charge an additional urgent visa processing fee.

As a government issuance of a visa to travellers is outside our control, we make no representation or guarantee that any visa will be issued to any traveller. We accept no liability for passengers unable to participate in any or all portions of a tour due to failure to have complete travel documents including passports and visas.

All destinations have local events, political events, religious events and holidays which may cause delay or disruption to the planner tour.

Wherever possible, we will try to minimise any disruption caused, however we do not offer any discount or refunds due to local events outside of our control.

All of our tours have been programmed to allow all tour members to have a great travel experience. Each tour member must agree to abide by our Code of Travel Conduct.

If any tour member is unable or unwilling to comply with our Code of Travel Conduct we will take immediate steps to preserve the enjoyment of the other tour members.

In the event of a breach of our Code of Conduct, we reserve the right in our sole discretion to either (1) offer the tour member who is in breach of our Code of Conduct immediate transport to return to place where he or she joined the tour at tour members expense; or where possible to (2) continue with a similar travel itinerary on a separate private tour. If option 2 is available and accepted, departing tour member agrees that further fees will be applied to process this private tour.

A good level of fitness and health is required to participate in our holiday packages.

In some destinations there are extensive sightseeing excursions by foot which include the climbing of stairs. In addition, mobility is needed to board or alight from aircrafts, coaches, ships and trains.

We recommend a visit to the doctor and dentist before travelling to overseas destinations. It is your responsibility to advise us of any pre existing medical conditions or health and mobility related concerns that may affect the normal conduct of a holiday package and the enjoyment of other passengers. A health, mobility and fitness checklist can be requested at the time of booking to be sent to you with your invoice.

Any costs incurred as a consequence of the customer’s need to return home due to health are the customer’s sole responsibility.

All travellers to other remote regions must provide us with a letter prior to departure confirming you are fit and healthy to take part in the tour.

We welcome passengers with disabilities or special needs provided their health allows them to participate on the tour. To allow the tour group to travel together, we may require that passengers with disabilities or special needs are accompanied by a companion who is capable of providing all necessary assistance paid for by the traveller.

Any disability or medical condition requiring special attention must be reported to us at the time of booking. It is the customer’s responsibility to advise us of such circumstances to ensure the selected tour is suited to your individual needs. We are not responsible for any loss of enjoyment, loss of touring or loss of monies should the customer be unable to participate in the tour or in any or all of the activities.

A health, mobility and fitness checklist can be requested at the time of booking to be sent to you with your invoice.

We will make reasonable efforts to accommodate the special needs of disabled passengers, but we will not be responsible for any denial of services by third party carriers, hotels, trains, restaurants or other independent suppliers, or for any additional expenses.

Coaches and minibuses are not each equipped with wheelchair ramps and not all ships have elevators. Doors and restrooms on tour may not each be not wide enough to allow access by standard wheelchairs. Wheelchairs and walkers usually cannot be carried on coaches due to space limitations. For safety reasons, passengers in wheelchairs cannot be carried on ramps in ports where the a ship is at anchor.

We are unable to provide individual assistance to any passenger for walking, dining, boarding or alighting coaches or other transportation vehicles or other personal needs.

We make every effort to accurately describe elements of our tours in our brochures, website and other marketing material.

However, things do change and sometimes very quickly. We do not guarantee that any of our descriptions are 100% accurate.

For example, hotel categories and star ratings are based on advice received from each specific property listed and are not the decision of Helen Wong’s Tours.

Any maps or other content contained in our brochure or on our website are intended as an indication only and are not guarantees of the types of images that may be seen or experienced on your tour.

While every effort is made to ensure all details are correct at the time of publication, Helen Wong’s Tours takes no responsibility for advice that has been given in good faith and at the discretion of each property.

It is a condition of your tour booking that you allow us to contact you for business purposes using any information you supply to us.

We confirm that the terms of our privacy policy apply to our business. Our privacy policy can be found at