Group Journey
From $1799.00

Group Journeys : Experience Xiamen & Macao

8 days

Explore Xiamen, a vibrant city on the south-east coast of China, and follow this up with a visit to Macao on an eight-day Helen Wong’s Tours journey which focuses on the contrasting features of these two fascinating seaside Asian centres.

From $4240.00

Group Journeys : China Odyssey

14 days

Discover one of the world’s oldest cultures, so diverse and unique. Explore elaborate temples in Beijing, magnificent limestone karst pillars in Yangshuo and a traditional ancient town in Shanghai – a true odyssey

From $10050.00

Group Journeys : Ancient Silk Route

24 days

Journey to Kashgar in the far north-west to visit the fabled city at the junction of the northern and southern Silk Routes. Travel back to centres of historical interest to see an amazing wealth of relics, artworks and artefacts.

From $5190.00

Group Journeys : Ancient Panorama

18 days

An intriguing journey with a fascinating legacy – from the Buddhist carvings to the magnificent Hanging Monastery, from the peaceful hills to the ancient walled town – truly China is not just a country, it is an entire civilization.

From $5360.00

Group Journeys : Mighty Yangtze

16 days

Embark on this unforgettable journey of a lifetime – like a large Chinese masterpiece which has come to life – Beijing, Shanghai, Xian and the inspirational scenic Guilin for your camera lens including the cruise along the Yangtze.

From $1799.00

Group Journeys : Experience Xiamen & Macao

8 days

Explore Xiamen, a vibrant city on the south-east coast of China, and follow this up with a visit to Macao on an eight-day Helen Wong’s Tours journey which focuses on the contrasting features of these two fascinating seaside Asian centres.

From $8520.00

Group Journeys : Splendid Yangtze

25 days

An unforgettable experience which captures a kaleidoscope of stunning waterways and unmatched diversity of landscapes, climate and people, cobbled streets and ancient architecture, rich and exotic culture, natural and man-made wonders.

From $6570.00

Group Journeys : Jewels of China

18 days

This journey begins by exploring Beijing and Xian, then explodes into the brilliant beauty of Jiuzhaigou with its alpine valleys and pure crystalline lakes, then cruise through spectacular scenery of the gorges before ending in Shanghai.

From $3990.00

Group Journeys : China Gems

12 days

A journey to witness the awe-inspiring Great Wall, coming face to face with the archaeological wonders of the Terracotta Army, an encounter with the playful pandas and experiencing the sights and sounds of Shanghai.

From $4440.00

Group Journeys : Yangtze Wonders

15 days

Embrace the natural wonders of the Yangtze River, adventure to the back alleyways of Beijing, marvel at the amazing archaeological wonders of the Terracotta Army and enjoy the bustling city of Shanghai – truly a wonderful journey.

From $7240.00

Group Journeys : Tibet & Yangtze

19 days

An adventure to a vast, uninhabited high-altitude desert, dotted brackish lakes and combined with a ride on the world’s highest elevated railway. Also see the Great Wall and the impressive Terracotta Army, coupled with a Yangtze cruise.

Private Journey
From $1310.00

Private Journeys : Majestic Beijing

5 days

As majestic as Beijing is portrayed, the national capital has some of the most recognisable attractions in the world, from the Forbidden City and neighbouring Tiananmen Square to the Summer Palace and the Great Wall, a short drive away.

From $2845.00

Private Journeys : Exotic Yunnan

8 days

Visit a province which offers an unmated diversity of landscapes, climate and people with tropical rainforests and volcanic plains, beginning in Kunming and including the famous Stone Forest and villages of minority nationalities.

From $3450.00

Private Journeys : Northern China

8 days

Merge Beijing with a trip to Harbin and you have a journey of great contrasts. Spend time in Beijing exploring such attractions as the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace before heading north to a centre famous for its winter ice carvings.

From $2110.00

Private Journeys : China Jewels

7 days

Combine a stay in capital Beijing with two nights in Xian and you have the jewel in a crown which includes visits to some of China’s most ancient sites. Among them the Great Wall of China and the famous Terracotta Warriors.

From $1570.00

Private Journeys : Ancient China

5 days

Ancient China at its very best from Luoyang with its historic Longmen Grottoes to Shaolin Temple, the birthplace of Chinese martial arts, located at the base of the sacred Mt Shongshan in Henan Province.

From $710.00

Private Journeys : Relaxing Sanya

5 days

Described as the Hawaii of the orient, seaside Sanya on vast Hainan Island is a perfect spot to relax and enjoy the tropical heat on the beach. The island is famous for its tropical forests, sweeping mountains and traditional villages.

From $2800.00

Private Journeys : Yangtze Upstream

9 days

After a stay in Shanghai, travel by air to meet up with the cruise through the Three Gorges Dam and the breathtaking Three Gorges to Chongqing before venturing to Dazu to see China’s impressive Buddhist archaeological site.

From $2330.00

Private Journeys : Twin Cities

7 days

Prepare to see the very best of cosmopolitan and historic China through a combined visit to spectacular Shanghai and bustling Beijing. Step back in time through various dynasties while enjoying the many sights of modern China.

From $3260.00

Private Journeys : China Discovery

9 days

Discover the very best of Beijing and Shanghai with that of Xian, and you have a good cross-section of attractions which have made China a popular destination. See the Forbidden City, the Yu Gardens and the Terracotta Warriors – magical.

From $3630.00

Private Journeys : Tibet Adventure

7 days

From Chengdu to the high-altitude Tibetan capital of Lhasa, this adventure looks at the best of Tibet with its much photographed Potala Palace to the monastery of Drepung with its 10,000 monks and the Gandan Monastery.

From $1710.00

Private Journeys : History & Nature

5 days

For those who wish to combine nature with history is a five-day private tour which focuses on the stone carvings of Yungang Buddhist caves and one of China’s few intact Ming Dynasty walls at Pingyao in Shanxi Province.

From $4150.00

Private Journeys : Explore Nature

9 days

From Kunming with its nearby Stone Forest to Zhongdian and the ancient Gadan Songzalin monastery, this journey also looks at the charming historic city of Lijiang and the breathtakingly beautiful Jade Dragon Snow Mountain.

From $690.00

Private Journeys : Scenery of Guilin

4 days

Take in the breathtaking scenery of a region which, over centuries, has been the focus of artists and writers. Expect to see impressive, sometimes mist-shrouded, limestone peaks which dot the countryside, especially along the Li River.

From $2540.00

Private Journeys : Eye-catching China

7 days

For something truly eye catching, combine a stay in ritzy Shanghai with visits to Xian and Guilin for a mixture of star attractions, from historic The Bund to the Terracotta Warriors and the limestone peaks famous for their beauty.

From $3000.00

Private Journeys : Yangtze Downstream

9 days

Venture down the mighty Yangtze on a leisurely cruise which passes through the breathtaking Three Gorges enroute to the giant Three Gorges Dam. This journey also includes fascinating Dazu and a stay in cosmopolitan yet historic Shanghai.

From $830.00

Private Journeys : Tranquil Yangshuo

4 days

Combine a stay in Guilin with a cruise along the Li River where fishermen row on bamboo rafts using trained cormorants to catch fish, in the shadows of soaring sheer-sided karst peaks. The cruise ends in the bustling village of Yangshuo.

From $2360.00

Private Journeys : Iconic Contrasts

7 days

Follow in the footsteps of artists and writers on a journey to Guilin with its steep rising limestone peaks before venturing to capital Beijing for a taste of modern city life, intertwined with historic treasures.

From $2660.00

Private Journeys : Sichuan Explorer

6 days

The giant panda is a focal point of this ourney where you see up close learn about the breeding research near Chengdu. You also visit sacred Mt Emei as well as the significant Buddhist archaeological sites at Dazu.

From $810.00

Private Journeys : Surprising Shanghai

4 days

Be surprised by the countless features which make Shanghai one of the most exciting cities in the world. Old or new, Shanghai has the credentials to keep a crowd busy, from the historic sights on The Bund to contemporary Pudong.

From $2490.00

Private Journeys : Southern China

6 days

From the coastal port of Xiamen to the rugged Wuyishan region, this journey looks at two different sides of southern China. Prepare for surprises as you visit tiny Gulangyu island and the Haka villages with their unusual architecture.

From $2370.00

Private Journeys : Spectacular Highland

6 days

Combine the best of two areas on a tour which looks at the giant panda near Chengdu along with the spectacular alpine region of Jiuzhaigou, famous for its Tibetan settlements, snow-capped mountains, waterfalls and crystalline lakes.

From $3030.00

Private Journeys : China Treasures

9 days

A journey worth treasuring is this nine-day China Treasures itinerary which covers the best of capital Beijing, Xian and its famous Terracotta Warriors and Guilin for its breathtakingly beautiful scenery, the focus of many artists.